Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Smallest Guestroom in Middlesex County

As a companion piece to the "Smallest Bathroom in Middlesex County" shown early last year, above are pictures from the "Smallest Guestroom" soon to be "Smallest Nursery in Middlesex County". The initial pictures are the "semi-before"... I got in with the camera just as the Husband had begun demolition, and the after speaks for itself. The electrician is finishing his work tomorrow so we will no longer have wiring from the time of Thomas Edison (not to mention, the electrician has already separated out the guest bathroom from the original circuit which included the guest room, library, dining room and guest bedroom... thankfully the guest bathroom is now even, gasp, GFI! And, this means too you could theoretically dry your hair in the bathroom and iron something in the guest room and *not* blow a fuse! Woo-hoo!) This time around we're using a contractor (pictures and stories to follow, I'm sure...) and they've advised that they should be starting at the end of this week. The plan is to keep the brick chimney exposed and paint the walls a light buttery yellow (I'm thinking something from the Benjamin Moore palette). Thoughts?