Friday, March 30, 2007

Real-Time Blogging

So right now I am sitting in the first aisle seat on NJT train 6034. For some reason the engineer has left the door to his cabin open (and I can see that shockingly we are traveling at 98 miles per hour-- noting if we kept this speed up we could get from PJ to NYC in a flat 30 minutes, but of course, why could we do that?) Most importantly however, the enginer has been reading the New York Daily News-- not just while at a stop, but while operating the train as well.

And why not? After all, yesterday our conductor went to the vestibule in between two cars for a cigarette break. This wouldn't have been so bad but for the passenger standing in the aisle, leaning against the vestibule door who kept inadvertently pushing the "open door" button. (This was after she spilled her coffee on the floor, too). Its amazing to see so many violations of both common sense and homeland security all at once!

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