Thursday, March 15, 2007

To Go Where No Man Has Gone Before...

The other day when I visited my obstrician, she essentially told me that every ache and pain I'm experiencing is "normal". While she did give me a few symptoms that, if experienced, should warrant a call, I really can't tell you how many times I've heard the same spiel about the "round ligaments" and how they're causing all of my various cramping, back pain, leg pain, etc., etc.

Given this, yesterday I had a little imaginary conversation with Dr. Perez. You see, I was generally stressed out, having to do too much stuff before getting on a conference call which I knew was going to last forever (indeed, the conference call lasted for 3 hours, and I was the leader...!). My whole stomach/abdomen area felt like a rock, hence, the following imaginary conversation:

Me: "I feel like I have a Klingon in my stomach."

Dr. Perez: "Oh, that's normal. Now, if you suspect the Klingon may be ready to launch a Bird of Prey out of your stomach, or if you think it's harboring a Romulan in there, then call me."

Me: "Damn, I knew I should have mentioned a Romulan."

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Anastasia said...

You're really funny when you're pregnant. :-P