Sunday, March 18, 2007

My SuperSweet Sixteen

Many women, while pregnant, watch those shows on Lifetime and The Discovery Channel like "World Birth Day", "A Baby Story", etc., etc. and get freaked out by the various difficulties shown on each episode. Me? The show that has so far freaked me out the most about being a parent-- MTV's "My SuperSweet Sixteen". I guess I'll have to start saving now for that trip to Paris to buy a "Pink Barbie Dress" and to hire 3 Six Mafia out of retirement. Let's not even discuss the cars.

What on earth has being a teenager become? For my sixteenth birthday (or it may have been seventeenth, I really don't remember)... we all hung out at my house having Domino's Pizza and then we went to the Dollar Theater to see Thelma & Louise. Texas Jack then emulated one of the scenes from the movie in the Volkswagen-wagen after the show in the parking lot. (Power backwards!) This was as exciting as it got, and damn it, it was good enough for us!


Anastasia said...

Amy went with us to see Thelma and Louise? I can't remember any of the evening - I just know that you and I saw it together, hence the nicknames. But yes, I do remember enjoying it. -Lou

Weef! said...

I think even Brianna and Amy Milobowski were there... and I know for sure Sam Henderson was there too... quite a unique crowd.

Amy said...

I'm fairly sure that was your 17th birthday. I had totally forgotten about the turbo-reverse. Good times.