Thursday, April 17, 2008


During last night's debate, Mrs. Clinton indicated that though there would be tax increases for individuals earning $250,000 per year or more, they wouldn't be more than the taxes which were imposed on that tax bracket during the "nineties". Okay, so does that mean we'll also make the dollar worth what it was worth in the nineties and also roll back the cost of living as well?

In a small attempt to accomplish this, the clothing chain "Steve and Barry's" is having a special sale where everything in the store is $8.98 (including, presumably things which were originally less than this price...) Great concept, but have you been to a Steve and Barry's? I never had but today Miss B and I hit up the Menlo Park Mall and alas, wandered into one of these establishments (drawn in out of curiosity over the fact that "SJP" has her clothing line "Bitten" exclusively at S&B's). While there were a couple of cute little black dresses (each $8.98) in the Bitten clearance area, they were all giant sized and looked as though they would be rather linty. Overall, though, the Bitten line was mostly uninspired and disappointing. There was way too many unshapely khakis and plaid shirts which just made it look like SJP was trying to outfit Cynthia Nixon's life partner more than a hip young crowd.

I was much more excited about H&M's new "inspired by" Marimekko line.

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