Monday, April 21, 2008

Randomness and Some Knitting, Sort Of...

Okay, so you know that we love Statcounter, right? Here are some of our latest searches which have returned "rue de la clef", thank you very much...

a reader from Stockholm searching for "Saks presale May 2007" (talk about specific)...

Many more searches for Hungarian Goulash (who knew it was so popular)?

Quite a few looking for the Real Housewives of NYC

One "Scarface Mansion Interior" (Warsaw, Poland), not to be outdone by "Sockless look peds", and of course, a timely inquiry regarding "Pillsbury pain au chocolat"

Interestingly, no one has been looking for Sting's Favorite Pasta or Tom Selleck's Avocado Ranch. Sorry, guys.

On to the Knitting, sort of. I just finished the "Friday Night Knitting Club", thanks to Mel! It was a fun read! We'll be passing it on to Miss Leda next! If you like to knit or are looking for good escapist fare I would recommend it, especially if you've ever been to Yarn & Co. on the West Side... you'll be able to picture "Walker & Daughter" in your head quite easily!

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