Thursday, April 10, 2008


Today we ventured to Ikea and the gi-normous Babies r' Us/Toys r' Us at the infamous Exit 13A (this after a lovely lunch en plein air with the Husband-- what, it was 70 today, who wouldn't want to lunch outside?)

We ended up coming home with: i) a case of formula, ii) a case of 24 small ready-to-feed bottles, iii) a Fisher-Price tiger/basketball contraption, iii) a toddler sized table and two chairs, iv) a child's sized picnic table, all of this in addition to the Maclaren and Bugaboo which permanently live in the trunk. Before going to Ikea I had thought that I might have to tie something to the roof, but who was I kidding? I've got the wagon (and I was, after all, hauling child-sized furniture, but still!) I was pretty impressed that we fit everything in and had room to spare!

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