Thursday, April 24, 2008


Yup, we've taken the plunge, we're redoing our kitchen. More like firebombing it, but whatever. Anyhoo, we finally got down to the knitty-gritty with Marilyn our "designer" at the HD and she did seem to come around to our design ideas (hallelujah!)

We've gone with the Savannah line of cabinets from American Woodmark, made out of maple with the cream glaze. We tried not to go overboard but we do have some fun doo-hickies including a wine rack and a cookbook case. Sadly, I did forgo the pull-out spice rack, instead opting for the in-drawer spice organizer (what, I actually use spices! I've got quite a collection going).

For countertops, we're going with Arctic Moon. The photo on the website doesn't really do it justice-- I'll have to upload a picture of the sample we received-- its really pretty neat! (Of course, this ended up being the same price as marble, but the marble in the end looked too grey... upside to Arctic Moon is it will come sealed with a guarantee on the seal for 15 years!)

Now we have to work on coordinating our electrical work (as the HD contractor's won't be doing this), getting a new cooktop/vent, getting someone to actually put a hole in the side of the house in order to use the vent, get a new baseboard to replace our old radiator, coordinate floor refinishing with the hardwood floor guys, get verizon to relocate the phone and cable lines, pick out knobs and island chairs/stools and oh, yeah, the Husband has to drywall the ceiling and build a dummy wall behind which the main drainline for the entire house will be hidden. What can I say, the HD contractors wanted $4700 to drywall the ceiling. That cost more than my old Saab!

Thursday the HD contractors come to do the "affirmation" (which sounds like some kind of religious experience) wherein they remeasure everything and go into more specifics about the actual work. We'll keep you posted, and pictures of the process, of course, will follow!

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