Monday, April 21, 2008

The World According to Tom Hanks...

In You've Got Mail, Tom Hanks' character, Joe Fox, says that The Godfather is the "i-ching", "The Godfather answers all of life's questions".

As I'm sure you can tell from prior posts, I think the same can be said of the Code. So, today when I got a return call from the dentist's office regarding my wisdom teeth, it reminded me of the scene at the end of the Code where Tom Hanks asks Audrey Tautou's character what would the "last living descendant of Jesus Christ do?" "Would she destroy faith, or renew it?"

In my case, the question was more like: "What would a tired, stressed out and generally overworked mom of a newly minted toddler do?" "Would she have two wisdom teeth removed or would she take that same money and buy a pair of gold lame Prada gladiator sandals?"

(Clearly the answer is neither, but I'm telling you, I'm so *not* getting the wisdom teeth taken out.)

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