Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dinner and all that....

The other night I made Green Curry Chicken! One of my personal faves. Inspired by the recipe found in New Thai Cuisine by Nathan Hyam. I do add my own touhes though, like incorporating potatoes (ala massaman curry) because everything is better with potatoes. I also used red peppers (in addition to green peppers and onions), yellow squash and zucchini. I served it with a bit of cilantro-lime basmati rice.

Today I made german chocolate cake cupcakes thanks to a recipe from the Mom. Who knew you could make german chocolate frosting with eggs, sugar, half and half, pecans and coconut (well, the pecans and coconuts make sense, but I would have never guessed about the eggs and half and half.)

I was going to make ratatouille tonight but I have copped out (after the cupcakes) and am going to put it on the menu for tomorrow.

Today has been a good movie day... both The Da Vinci Code and You've Got Mail...

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