Saturday, April 05, 2008


Yesterday we had our new carpet runners installed on our staircases. When I was doing the research for all of this I measured the steps and had guestimated that it should have been about $600 per staircase for materials. Unfortunately, after the flooring folk's measurement guy came out and once we got the actual quote it turned out to be over $3200. I was a bit gobsmacked but for some reason I assumed that I measured wrong.

Then, once the installation was completed I noticed that we had quite a bit of excess carpet left over. 55 linear feet to be exact. It turns out they charged us for 86 linear feet. We needed 31 linear feet. Thankfully, they took it back quite easily and most appologetically. 55 linear feet at $32.90 per foot, quite a savings and proof that my original math wasn't that bad after all.

As for the rest of the day, I got a great pedicure at Koi Spa (with Husband watching Miss B)... but for some random reason I got a giant headache on my way home. Four hours of napping and heating pad sitting, finally I'm feeling better. I also have downed a *lot* of water. Me thinks I was a bit dehydrated...

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