Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Working from *home*

The operative word in the above title is *from home*. This means, ideally, that the obnoxious troll-girl attorney on the other side (who I have know for 8 years now and we have about as good a relationship as Seinfeld and Newman) tracks me down on my local cell phone in the pasta and tomato sauce aisle at Wegmans in order to negotiate an SNDA. The woman had sent me an email like fifteen minutes before and I didn't have the chance yet to respond to it, why? BECAUSE I WAS AT THE GROCERY STORE. Not just at the grocery store but I was pushing around Miss Baby in the new Maclaren while simultaneously lugging a shopping basket which by the time I got to said pasta and tomato sauce aisle weighed like 25 pounds. Now an optimist would say, "oh, but wouldn't you rather be having the call at the grocery store? At least you weren't in the office!" NO, actually. I'd rather have the call at home, on my own schedule, as my work arrangement was to suggest. What was made worse was when troll attorney #1 then decides to "conference in" (let's just have that phrase tatooed on every lawyer's butt right next to the other over-used phrases "at the end of the day" and "it's a slippery slope") attorney #2 in Michigan to further address these nonsensical points which could have easily been handled over email twenty minutes later once I was back at my car. Argh!

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